Art is medicine, and beauty heals.

“There is a breath, a drumbeat, a heartbeat that evokes one’s spirits to the depths of one’s soul in all of Rosanne’s work. If you allow yourself to be pulled into her work you will begin to hear the silenced voices of our ancestors revealing the sacred ways they lived and loved all of the Creators’ blessings.”

— Words in the Wind (Donna Edmonds Mitchell) of the Pocasset Wampanoag Peoples, Watuppa Reservation in Fall River

four winds one breath

When I started Four Winds Gallery in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2006, little did I realize where it would lead me. People who came through its doors always wanted to stay; they could feel the healing vibration throughout the space, that I created with the color scheme, artwork, and sculptures. It calmed their senses, and they returned again and again. I never forgot this. 

For many years at every show I attended, people would come into my space and say, “It feels so good in here, can I just stay for a few moments and take it in?”  or “Your booth feels like an oasis, do you mind if I just hang out here for a few minutes and take a breath?” Comments like this would go on all day.

It is with this same healing and peaceful energy that I create everything you see here, from unique hand-painted and -printed clothing to crystal sculptures to one-of-a-kind paintings.

About Rosanne

This creative visionary brings 30+ years of design expertise to the table, as well as her unique mixed blood, Native spiritual ancestry.

Rosanne’s ancestral heritage melds Blackfoot, Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Mi’kmaq descent, as well as of French Canadian and Italian. She bridges cultures and artistic mediums as well as the tangible and intangible.

When Rosanne’s ancestors called her to immerse herself in Native ceremonies after being raised a devout Catholic, she felt pulled in seemingly opposite directions by her heritage, requiring her to center, balance, and ground.

Navigating the seen and unseen worlds while living a “normal” life can be tricky. Bridging our spiritual life with the day-to-day can feel like we’re heading down a river on two canoes—one foot in each.

That is why Rosanne has created artwork, clothing and more to bridge seen and unseen worlds—like tools, touchstones, or totems that you can use for healing, peace, and staying connected to Spirit.

Across her diverse expressions, each piece is conceived in a spirit of compassion, respect, and balance, giving the item a distinctive healing aspect. People report feeling calmed, reverent, and transported when seeing and holding her work.

Four Winds One Breath

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