Four Winds One Breath

Grounding Spirals

Jewelry & Sculpture

As Rosanne creates each stone & crystal sculpture and smudge bowl, a prayer, specific to its future owner, comes to her for each piece; it’s as if the artist knows to whom the piece will belong. Over 20 years, the artist has created 500+ such sculptures, and each has found its person, whether as a gift or for the purchaser sometimes with tear-evoking accuracy.


Let your jewelry make a statement, and attune and amplify your vibration. 

The energy of each hand-crafted piece is channeled, created with a curated selection of crystals and stones, chosen for their healing and resonance. 

Endlessly creative, Rosanne also crafts metal-work and silver, copper, and genuine stone-beaded jewelry, as guided.

Your angels will guide your hand each morning to select the day’s piece. Sometimes you won’t know what that stone’s focus is, but your guides do—and it will always be exactly what you require that day.

Four Winds One Breath


Route 18, East Freetown, MA

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