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Four Winds One Breath

Four Winds One Breath

Four Directions,  One Breath, One Person, One Soul


Bringing High-Vibration Business Tools to Awakening Entrepreneurs

To reach more of the people you are here to serve, you must have the right tools for business (and life). What makes your company stand out from the rest are your visuals and the energetic signature you, your business, and your brand transmits.

Until now, your challenge has been connecting with an experienced, world-class Marketing & Branding visionary who can meet you at your frequency and translate your vision’s vibration into your visual Brand.

Let’s connect and see if your search is over. 

As a soul-led, heart-centered business owner, your work, product, or service is guided and inspired by Spirit. You are likely multi-passionate and express your purpose in diverse ways. Categories cannot contain you. (I can relate!)

What you do know is that you are here to change the world, to add your medicine to our planet’s rapidly evolving consciousness. You understand that old ways of being and doing no longer work for you—including outdated, fear-based marketing.

You are open and willing to move in a direction no one has gone, and influence the world with your business in a greater way.

We bring the business tools you need to make the impact you desire on our world and humanity.

Founder and CEO Rosanne Romiglio brings intellect, instinct, intuition, and creative insight, as well as decades’ of award-winning experience in the design and marketing world.



At 4 Winds 1 Breath, we embrace “Creative Conscious Design.”

We understand that your brand must convey a clear, energetic signature that aligns with your vision and attracts your ideal client. Your visuals must transcend time, trends, and the marketplace.

For branding to be a true reflection of who we are and how we are being of service, we have to be willing to “go there,” and trust life and this natural process. This ensures that whatever we create fits our evolving selves in body, mind, and spirit. Not just for ourselves, but for the good of all those whose lives we impact.

Four Directions,  One Breath, One Person, One Soul


Here are some of the brands we have developed for our clients!

Shen Essentials

“Rosanne’s work has always been on the cutting edge of creativity, inspiration, and functionality. She imagines the most beautiful physical expression of the essence of my message and communicates the perception I wish to share with others through visual images and site design. I have been incredibly impressed with her time and time again, and she always rises to the occasion and never fails to exceed my wildest expectations. Her talent and skills are remarkable and I cannot recommend her enough.”

— Laryssa Robideau, Shen Essentials

Mija Wellness & Healing

“Rosanne is a godsend when it comes to getting your business off the ground. She not only channeled a beautiful, fitting, and totally unique logo for my yoga business, she also held my hand through the process of setting up my online presence as a brand. Our design conversations were steered by her amazing eye for visuals, and I felt an immediate and deep trust in her vision. As a brand and business owner, I felt understood and seen by Rosanne—even when I couldn’t quite see it myself. She finished my website, logo, and graphics for social media in record time. This woman is incredible. I recommend Rosanne wholeheartedly to any business owner who is struggling to find their voice, esthetic, and brand identity. Rosanne will hold your hand throughout the process, keep you grounded and heart-centered, and co-create something encompassing and wonderful for your brand!”

— Lauren McGrath, Mija Wellness & Healing  |

2 Wolves Creations

“Rosanne’s skills and understanding of branding and web design are stellar.  She is very intuitive and pays attention to small details and the personality of her client, capturing and complimenting professionalism with branding. Going the extra mile you will get more than what you pay for with her. Thank you Rosanne, I love your work!”

— Kelly 2 Wolves, 2 Wolves Creations

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Four Winds One Breath


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